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Retirement Villages in Shepparton Victoria

(Shepparton, Victoria and suburbs within 10km)

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Set within the lush surroundings of Set within the lush surroundings of Mercy Place Shepparton (Ave Maria), Shepparton Independent Living Units offer private gardens and spacious living areas in a welcoming community. Enjoy the local shops, cafes and amenities nearby, entertain family at the outdoor BBQ area, or take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful lake onsite. How you live your life is entirely your choice.

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Eureka Shepparton Gardens is a charming retirement village located in Shepparton, a vibrant regional city in Victoria. The village offers a range of independent living units and apartments for seniors who want to maintain their independence while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with living in a supportive community.

Part of Eureka Villages

Lifestyle Shepparton Retirement Village is a retirement community located in Shepparton, Australia. It is a place where retirees can enjoy comfortable and convenient living, with a range of activities and services tailored to their needs.

Doutta Galla – Harmony Village Shepparton Independent Living provides quality retirement living in a beautiful quiet and relaxing setting, located close to the centre of Shepparton. Residents can enjoy a laid back retirement lifestyle in a welcoming and home-like environment. There are 80 independent living units on-site. 

Kensington Gardens Shepparton Retirement Village, located in the vibrant city of Shepparton, Victoria, offers a welcoming and engaging community for retirees seeking an exceptional retirement experience. Situated in a convenient and central location, this esteemed village provides a perfect blend of tranquillity and accessibility.