North East Tasmania, North Western Tasmania, Southern Tasmania

Retirement Living in Tasmania

In Tasmania you’ll find a range of retirement living villages to suit all lifestyles. Whether you crave life by the sea, in the picturesque countryside or in the city, Tasmania has it all.

Living in Tasmania


The average maximum summer temperature in Tasmania is 24 degrees, with four other distinct seasons across the year, with the average maximum temperature being 12 degrees in winter.

Regional Tasmania

Tasmania’s largest cities outside of Hobart include Launceston with a population of 130,000, Burnie and Devonport (with a population of approximately 19,900 and 25,500 respectively). Considering its size, regional Tasmania provides diverse natural landscapes. You will find everything from temperate rainforests to dry, arid climates and evergreen eucalypt forests.

All of these regions are a short drive away or are close to a metropolitan centre, making it a unique place to live compared to other states and territories.

Metropolitan Tasmania

More than half of Tasmania’s population live in Hobart, a city known for its safety, family feel and 20 minute commute between home and work. The city has a population of around 220,000 making traffic conditions lighter than any other capital city in Australia, the lack of hustle and bustle provides the best of both worlds for the retiree. There are the amenities and services of a metropolitan area, but Hobart also has the laid-back feel of a large country town.