Retirement Villages Hills Mallee and Southern (South Australia)

Retirement villages in the Hills, Mallee and Southern area of Adelaide is an ideal spot for surfers, with most residents close the west and south facing coasts.

The laid-back atmosphere and lifestyle is what draws visitors to the region and residents. The area is ideal for nature lovers, due to its stunning natural scenery.

The region a famous spot for surfers, you will find surfing areas on both the west and south facing coasts.

If surfing is not your hobby, there are plenty of other beach activities to enjoy. You’ll see families relaxing on the sand with a picnic, whale watching is available and the soft sand makes it ideal for walking or other beach sports.

The region has both the beach and greenery seen in the conservation parks.

All of this is within one hour from Adelaide.

The Hills, Mallee and Southern Region is also known as the Fleurieu Peninsula, named after a French explorer.


Retirement Villages by town in this region

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