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Why Choose Village Life?

When looking at retirement options, the popularity of retirement villages continues to grow in Australia. Retirement villages are communities for seniors who are able to live independently, but have emergency health services and the security of an on-site manager nearby.

Village Accommodation

The majority of retirement village residents live in independent living units, which are usually purchased by the resident before moving in. There are some villages which have rental options and also not-for-profit retirement village organisations which cater for seniors who may not have financial means.

The size and style of independent living units can vary between villages. Most units have one or two bedrooms, however some are larger and others include a private courtyard. The majority are designed for independent living, so you’ll find a living and dining area, kitchen and laundry.

These units are designed for those who do not need any help with daily living, however some villages offer ‘serviced apartments’ for an additional fee.

Serviced apartments mean that you can pay an additional monthly fee to access additional services such as cleaning, meal preparation, laundry or ironing. There may also be low level nursing care available for those who need occasional help. 

Community, Wellness and Security

One of the reasons that so many people choose to live in a retirement village is because of the sense of community. Most villages have a minimum age entry of 55, although most residents are in their 60s and 70s, creating a peer group environment.

Villages focus on ‘wellness’ and often have a community centre which can hold a range of activities and features. You may find a gym, pool, spa, indoor bowling green, barbeque facilities, library, tennis court, coffee shop for catching up with family and friends, a restaurant, you’ll be amazed at what villages can offer!

You’ll feel like you’re living at a resort or hotel most of the time, you may not even have to worry about driving if your village has a community bus which takes residents into town for shopping trips or organised activities. 

Another great aspect of retirement villages is the security. Retirement villages are run by a manager who makes sure that residents are happy and that everything is running smoothly and is well maintained. A lot of villages are also gated and have additional security which gives residents peace of mind.

Most independent living units have a 24 hour emergency call system installed, meaning that in an emergency a resident can push a button to access emergency medical care.

Although village life focuses on independent living, most retirees appreciate the sense of security that comes with a few additional safety features and on-site management.

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