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Vasey RSL Care offers Independent Living Units in village settings for veterans of the Australian or Allied Forces and for the widows or widowers of veterans.

These independent living units offer various styles of rental accommodation at affordable rates, significantly lower than comparable private accommodation in the same area.

Each unit well presented, conveniently located and regularly maintained with Vasey RSL Care taking care of building maintenance and looking after surroundings and garden landscaping.

The units offer a lifestyle with greater security of tenure, where you share a village atmosphere in a community setting with people who have similar values and experiences. You can be as independent as you like or you can make friends and socialise with other residents. Residents share camaraderie, mutual support, and a respect for tradition.


  • Vasey RSL Care’s independent living units are open to individuals who receive a government benefit and who meet the asset and income test
  • Most residents are over 60 years of age, but veterans 60 and under are accepted at the discretion of management
  • Priority is given to people in necessitous circumstances

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