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Oak Tree Retirement Villages

Oak Tree Retirement Villages is a group of Villages owned and operated by The Oak Tree Group. The Oak Tree Group was founded in 2004 to service the growing need for quality and affordable homes for Australia’s ageing population.  Our aim is to provide real value for money for Australian seniors by continually setting the benchmark for delivering stylish, modern homes within retirement village communities. We have an expanding portfolio of villages within Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages offer an affordable choice of one, two and three bedroom homes. We continually fine tune our product offering, design, construction and management models to set the benchmark that delivers to seniors the opportunity to enjoy carefree retirement lifestyles with high quality homes and convenient facilities, balanced with affordability.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages has a strong regional focus when it comes to choosing the locations of our villages. All too often seniors have no choice but to move to the nearest bigger city to access the services and facilities they require as their needs change with age, simply due to a lack of supportive infrastructure in regional areas. In turn, Oak Tree believes regional communities are left deprived of the warmth & wisdom seniors bring to the neighbourhoods, as well as a sense of history. 

In choosing regional based landscapes for its villages which are still close to the town centre, medical and social facilities, Oak Tree Retirement Villages aims to ensure more seniors can stay put in the towns they know and love.

Unlike other retirement accommodation providers, Oak Tree Villages are smaller in scale – an intentional decision to help encourage a closer-knit community environment where residents can form new friends easily, belong and contribute as part of a community, feel a sense of security and still live independently with all of the freedom and privacy they deserve.

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