Beauty Point Retirement Resort

Retirement Living in Padstow Heights

33 Bernard Road
Padstow Heights New South Wales 2211
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  • Pool/Spa
  • Fitness Centre
  • Public Transport
  • Resident Transport
  • Emergency Call
  • Pet Friendly
  • On-Site Nursing
  • Visiting Doctor
  • Visiting Health Services

Beauty Point Retirement Resort’s unique location makes living on the water in Sydney a real option for the fortunate few who discover us. At Beauty Point, you can buy one of the only retirement apartments built right on Sydney’s beautiful Georges River, with sweeping water views available in Sydney.

At Beauty Point you keep your independence and freedom – and you don’t have to worry about that endless list of jobs to do around the house.

When you live at Beauty Point you’ll quickly discover that we’ve thought of providing you with all of the services that make living easy. We offer housekeeping and laundry. Our friendly maintenance team looks after those fiddly jobs like changing washers and light bulbs. There’s also 24 hour security and emergency care on site if you need it.

There is a selection of brand new and fully refurbished apartments just available to choose from at Beauty Point. They’ve been designed to take full advantage of our surroundings and panoramic views.

There are a number of different architecturally designed layouts incorporating spacious rooms, private terrace areas and balconies, reverse cycle air-conditioning, laundries, floor to ceiling windows and blinds, and built-in wardrobes.

One of the great improvements to your life you’ll notice when you move to Beauty Point is you’ll no longer be a slave to your home. You’ll get back all those hours you’re spending doing the garden, sweeping the leaves, and climbing ladders to clear gutters.

You’ll regain a huge amount of freedom when you no longer have to worry about that endless list of jobs to do around the house.

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