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The Baldwin Care Group is a family owned group with a strong history of supporting and looking after seniors in their retirement living.

Comprising seven boutique retirement villages in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Hobart, it has grown over 30 years still echoing the initial vision of its founder the late Tony Baldwin.

It was in the 1970s that Baldwin Care formulated a new model for privately sponsored retirement villages that offered quality homes with central community facilities and greater choice for seniors. Since then, the group has been recognised as a leading authority in retirement housing.

Today the range of boutique villages show exceptional standards in care, services, accommodation and facilities – a retirement lifestyle with flexible options that seniors will love.

As the name suggests, Baldwin Group cares about creating lovely retirement communities that promote enjoyable senior living environments for residents. The dedication to enhancing independent living for residents is reflected not only in the quality of the facilities themselves, but also in the variety of social, creative and healthy activities offered.

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