Retirement Villages Central West (New South Wales)

Retirement living in the Central West is home to the famous Blue Mountains and stunning natural beauty.

Natural Surrounds

The terrain varies throughout the region, with the east having a higher, wetter and hillier climate than the west. The west is known for being flatter and drier, it is where grain crops are the most popular to grow. While the east’s climate supports many orchards and vegetable-growing in the region.

Major Towns and Cities

The Central West region has two cities, Bathurst and Orange and the entire region has a population of around 175,000.

Orange and Bathurst are the only cities in the Central West to have access to tertiary education, and both have Charles Stuart University campuses.

Most of the cities and towns in the region are between 1 and 3 hours to a major city, the most remote towns are about 5 hours from Sydney or Canberra.

Local Attractions

The region’s most famous attraction by far, is the Blue Mountains. They are a magical attraction at any time of the year. In summer they’re refreshing, with its dense population of Eucalyptus trees. Whilst they’re a cool retreat in winter, glow with colour in autumn and bloom with hundreds of natural colours in spring.

The Blue Mountains is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New South Wales and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Retirement Villages by town in this region

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