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Does Retirement Living Require a Significant Rethink?

on the Thursday, March 30, 2023

The traditional retirement village business model is facing unprecedented change and losing customers, as consumers can’t justify or accept the conventional models in the market today. Retirees and their families know they just don’t pass the ‘pub test.’

New and innovative retirement living options are emerging and stealing customers, with a new option for retirement living - Community Apartment Projects, or CAPs. It's a name dreamed up to describe apartment developments that appeal to Baby Boomers, 70-plus, offering 24/7 health care and concierge support for peace of mind.

CAPs are being driven and pioneered by ex-retirement village executives and forward-thinking boutique operators who have seen the need to change and re-think retirement options to simply make them fairer.

Compounded by significant regulatory changes that are undermining the more traditional retirement village model’s competitive position and customer expectations, CAP communities can deliver significate upfront savings to customers on the purchase price - in some cases up to and over $100,000. Simply put, this is a game-changer.

CAPs overcome what is undoubtedly the biggest challenge in retirement living, offering residents a Freehold Title, not a Lease. It's a winning formula that is worth considering.

The writing has been on the wall for years that there has been a need to adjust the retirement living industry from old thinking to new thinking to benefit the customer – not just the operator.

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