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At Last, Adapting to the Changing Needs of Seniors: The Future of Retirement Living in Australia

on the Friday, March 24, 2023

With the changing expectations of seniors, the question of what seniors want and don’t want in retirement living is increasingly changing. With people living longer, healthier lives, and looking to be more active and engaged in their retirement years, the old traditional model of retirement living may no longer be sufficient.

Retirement living has traditionally been associated with retirement villages, which offer independent living units or serviced apartments, along with a range of communal facilities and services. While these villages have provided a popular and effective model for decades, natural evolution and market drivers have pushed the development of new innovative models that are breaking the traditional mould as seniors want more flexibility and fairer options.

To deliver the changing needs of seniors, retirement living options need to be rethought and adapted. This includes offering more diverse and flexible living arrangements, such as co-living communities or land lease communities, which can provide a more social and affordable option for seniors.

Retirement living also needs to be designed with a more active and engaged lifestyle in mind, with facilities and services that cater to the physical, emotional, and social needs of seniors. This may include more opportunities for social interaction, group activities, and fitness programs, as well as access to healthcare and other support services.

The changing needs of seniors also require a shift in attitudes towards ageing and retirement, with a greater focus on positive ageing and the potential for ongoing personal growth and development. This can involve promoting a more positive and inclusive view of ageing, as well as offering opportunities for education, volunteering, and other forms of personal enrichment.

Retirement living does require a significant rethink to meet the changing needs and preferences of seniors in Australia. By offering more diverse and flexible living arrangements, promoting a more active and engaged lifestyle, and shifting attitudes towards ageing, we can create retirement living options that support a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement for all.

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