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Akhter Hits New Heights With 10 Dares Challenge

on the Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Akhter Rahman braved the skies above West Beach today to become to oldest person ever to take on the ‘MegaJump’ at Mega Adventure aerial park. The 75-year-old took on the challenge as part of The Exchange’s 10 Dares Challenge, an initiative of ACH Group’s Exchange membership program.

Akhter climbed 83 steps to the highest platform where she was strapped into a harness, then stepped into an 18-metre free fall jump.

The Norwood practising clinical psychologist also braved on the ‘MegaBounce’ trampoline, jumping up to eight metres from a harness.

“I was pretty nervous, but it was great, just amazing!” Akhter said after the jump. “I wanted to challenge myself to do something new. There are so many benefits for your body and your brain.”

During August and September, Exchange members have been invited to try a range of dares, from karaoke and a ukulele lesson to trying out Garmin fitness bands and eating real crickets at the Adelaide Oval.

The Exchange’s Fiona Telford-Sharp said the Challenge aimed to encourage people to do something new or different that keeps them growing, learning and reinventing. “It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and putting your hand up for something new and exciting,” she said. “Just because you have reached a certain age doesn’t mean you have to give up trying new things and challenging yourself in different ways.”

The Exchange is free membership network open to anyone aged 50+ established by not-for-profit care provider ACH Group last year to encourage people to reinvent, rediscover and find a voice.

The dares will be showcased at the Open State festival, a state-wide celebration of new ideas and collaboration, on October 8.

WHAT: 10 Days 10 Dares event at Open State festival

WHEN: October 8, 12pm to 1.30pm

WHERE: Open State Dome, Victoria Square

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