96 Year Old Enid Inspires Retirement Village Staff to Achieve

Monday, May 29, 2017

96 Year Old Enid Inspires Retirement Village Staff to Achieve

Nonagenarian Enid Webster is somewhat a celebrity in Cooranbong, in particular to fellow residents of her Avondale Lifestyle Community retirement village.

Since making her debut in the 14km Sydney City2Surf road race in 2014 at the age of 93, and competing successfully in the same event every year since, Enid has unknowingly inspired staff across her Adventist Senior Living run village to step outside their own comfort zones and take up the quest to challenge themselves in their own endurance events.

Not having swum since she was a child, village Social Worker Megan Cousins completed her first 2km Ocean Swim at the end of last year, raising funds to support resident causes close to her heart. At the same time Felicity Pittaway, Sales and Marketing, signed up for a relentless 30km, 6 hour mountain trail run in New Zealand, followed shortly after by the equally brutal 45km Six Foot Track marathon trail race in the Blue Mountains. Not to be outdone Adventist Senior Living CEO David Knight successfully took on the Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon in 2016, and then upped the ante by completing the Port Macquarie Half Ironman this year, a gruelling 113km combination of swim, bike and run.

Just last week two of the village residential aged care facility staff members, Miranda Crow and Lynelle Shotter completed the challenging Ultra Trail Australia 22km race in the Blue Mountains. Both were first time runners, and both said “never again” upon completion.

All staff have admitted to using the mantra “if Enid can, I can” at various points throughout their respective races.

As a corporate leader with a passion for both personal and corporate wellness, David applauds not only the efforts of Enid, but also those of his staff. He believes everyone can learn lessons in mental toughness by challenging themselves. “No matter the length of the event, or even the type of event from park run, to marathon, to ironman, to daily lunch time walk or swim, or even regular gym workout, there comes a time, despite fitness levels when you have to push past the hurt, the doubt, the lagging motivation, to get to the end. That represents real personal achievement and accomplishment”, he says, “the spinoff of which can be greater happiness in your own life”.

Staff agree, saying the achievement is addictive, and that thanks to Enid they have been inspired to do things they never expected of themselves, with the reward being the joy and the satisfaction of the effort itself. They admit that it is definitely hard work, even boring at times, but when the finish line is reached the feeling of achievement is electric. So powerful in fact, they believe they not only become better partners, parents and friends, but also happier, more productive employees.

Ask Miranda and Lynelle now, and one is already considering entering the 50km event next year, while the other wants to repeat the 22km and pull off a better time. If Enid can, we can!

As for Enid, at 96 she is taking on the City2Surf again in August this year, walking with four generations of her family. She is delighted to have inspired other achievers and counsels that it is not about the finish time, but about the achievement and what you find out about yourself along the way that is important. “I am often too busy to train” says Enid, “but always make time to complete 10,000 steps a day”. She plans to take things one year at a time moving forward, to continue to challenge assumptions about what we can achieve as we grow older….. and to just keep walking.

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Pictured: (L to R) Miranda Crow, Enid Webster, CEO David Knight, Lynelle Shotter, Felicity Pittaway

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