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Tuning in: residents get targeted content through "in-house" TV channel

on the Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Retirement Living Online Managing Director Ben Hannemann dropped into the Golden Days Radio studio yesterday morning to chat with presenter Dudley Chamberlain about his latest venture, Web2TV, and how it can bring the glory days of radio back to those who lived them.


Web2TV is an internal television channel for residents of aged care and retirement villages. 

Web2TV has the ability to create its own “in-house” channel for residents, tailored specifically to their village or facility.

This channel can incorporate features like daily notices, kitchen menus and community-specific news and entertainment.

Now, it is also the portal for seniors-targeted radio.

With a flick of the TV remote residents can tune into Golden Days.

“Its modern technology delivered in a simple way,” says Mr Hannemann.

Golden Days Radio

Golden Days Radio was founded with the notion of delivering radio as it used to be, before television and the internet took over.

Live presenters volunteer every day from 7.30am to 11.00pm to deliver music and entertainment programs that cast their listeners back to their youth – a time when radio was king.

Their demographic is the growing proportion of people who remember that time, the ageing population.

When station manager Alex Hehr was approached by Web2TV, the partnership that followed seemed only natural.

“We were delighted to become the default broadcaster for Web2TV.

People residing in care or retirement villages make up a large percentage of our target audience, so it was a no-brainer,” said Mr Hehr.

To hear the full interview, tune into 95.7 FM at 2pm on Saturday 22 March or 10.15am on Thursday 27 March.

Picture: From left, Dudley Chamberlain, Ben Hannemann and Alex Hehr in the Golden Days studio.