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Seniors Insurance

For those entering a retirement village there are many insurance options to consider.

Senior Insurance Agencies

A new section in the insurance market is the growth of insurance companies designed for seniors/pensioners. A senior insurance agency runs to benefit those in the senior community, this may result in lower premiums for car insurance since companies may determine that an elderly person has a lower risk of having a car crash.

Senior insurance agencies may also specialise in insurance for retirement villages and other insurance which is more relevant to seniors, such as providing insurance for a motor home or caravan.

Village Insurance

When you enter a retirement village you may not have to worry about home insurance, since the cost of that will be covered by the village (please note that every policy on home insurance may differ between villages).

If your retirement village covers the insurance for the unit, then you will only have to insure your personal contents.

Caravan/Motor home insurance

Many seniors take up the opportunity to travel once they retire, if you are one of the seniors who owns a caravan, motor home or boat then you will have to insure it before moving into a retirement village.

A retirement village may have room for you to store your caravan or boat on the village grounds, however they will likely not be responsible for the cost of replacing your caravan or boat if it is lost due to a natural disaster, accident or theft.

An insurance agency which caters specifically for seniors will most likely have a caravan/motor home insurance policy available.